Rhi & Telemachus - So Much (artwork faeton music)

Rhi & Telemachus – So Much

Amazing track by Rhi and Telemachus

Artist about the track:

Emerging from the mist and into a daydream you can’t quite place with “So Much”, Rhi’s signature alluring sense of mystery radiates through her lyrics and glides along the sultry production from Telemachus. With the truth behind the track unattainable, the place created feels like a blurred memory. As Telemachus explains: “This one honestly feels like drinking gin on a submarine… wobbling clumsily throughout the ship and accidentally switching lots of important levers”.


I’m getting butterflies just thinking ‘bout him
I think he’s handsome
There’s an attraction
I go weak at the knees when he smiles
I get all giggly
I think he’s charming
His eyes, I get lost in ‘em
He makes me blush
Red as a beet
Like he turns up the heat, or something
I’m getting butterflies just thinking ‘bout him
I think he’s special
He’s on another level
A rare gem
That hard to find type of man
I think he’s caring
His words are compelling
An unconventional mind
So much beauty