Renatus - Wanderer (Feat. Levi Benton) (artwork faeton music)

Renatus – Wanderer (Feat. Levi Benton)

Incredibly heavy and technical death metal track by Renatus.


My brother! How could you do this to me?
Because of anger and greed?

Demand acceptance, you demand forgiveness
Showed your greed
For only God to witness.
Gave him the fruit of your labor
But your offer was rejected by our saviour

cut my throat and watched me bleed
You should've asked for forgiveness on your knees
Then lied not knowing where I am
There I lay slaughtered in the field like a lamb

Cursed by God for what you've done
You've killed me your own flesh and blood
Now the crop will not grow
For now youll reap what you sow

My brother how could you do this to me?
Because of anger and greed

For what God gives he can take away
What you've done there is a greater price to pay.
left to live to warn the others
Do not spill the blood of their sons and brothers

Crushed my skull and walked away
Filled the air with the stench of betrayal
Your brothers blood now on your hands
Bequeth beguilement on your family

I've been betrayed by my blood
A selfish coward on the run
Banished! The jealous son
How could you murder your own?