Raydeo - ACTION FIGURE (artwork faeton music)


Strong hip-hop track by Raydeo.

Artist about the track:

The single was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mark Matter of Record House in Queens, NY. Raydeo had this to say about the creative process and writing the song “I feel like where I live in Washington Heights isn’t represented at all in hip hop, even though it’s really the heart of Harlem. So I decided to dive into my world, my growing pains, the people I grew up with and some I lost along the way. For people who want to know who I am through listening to my music, this track is the answer.”


Ahh It's that nigga Raydeo
He back
NYC shit ya heard, representin
Your lovely hero as is
Ready to whoop that ass in fashion
Listen, listen
Listen, it's kinda dangerous
The way I hog the bathroom
I be thinking on some anal shit
Onto myself may I explain a bit
Corrosion's got me flooded
Constipated way I caved them in
I wipe my ass call that a dirty sin
Attitude on latitude
My world's an open bin
Castrated public figures
Just a nigga with some skin
Like tin tin I'm adventurous
Captain of this ship
Watching sailor moon
Back in my momma crib
City in the background
New York state of mind
The mist
Fisting up the game
Procreate the saint
Smiling excuse for pain
No we're not the same
Cut from different fabric
Peep the suede
Witnessing your ace
Fuck a spade
Hold the card that dealt
The Price is right
Dripped in purple rain
Thugs be crying
I be straight
Face to face
Sipping paint
Boy I saturate this lane
That's nothing nigga
C'mon stop playing with me
That ain't nothing
More like bars
Feel like candy
You know what I'm sayin
Cavities on your teeth
Finger roll up
Fizzled up they crave
Filled with taste
Like it's soda
Off section eight
Now hold up
Call up my Pocahontas
Love the hardest cause I'm sober
Natively gassed that native weed
High off life the tree
Love thy enemy
Hate or love is just a frienemy
Kill you with a hug
I'm softly bugging
Was about three years old
When I started punching
Leaning off the line
Was never straight
Too busy munching
Four quarters my doritos
Feeling like nemo
Lost in amount zeros
Pockets on equal
Roam around the block poquito
Families and people
Uncle had his teeth filled with gold
We called em Tito
Living off that bug life
Experiment with that front pipe
Frontal lobe on that wrong right
Hard knocks that block that fun life
Grass hopping now hold tight
Bold enough got to molding up
Sewing up on that old bite
Gapping wrapping no old spice
Yea right
Fruit ninja the street
Sliced it up
Now how's the fair slice
Ninety nine cents
Who would ever guessed
I was rich spite
Back in oh six lite
Sneakers with some crease might
Fuck a check I hit flight
Tongue out and all
Dunks spiked height
Slow it
Done spike height
My career manual engineer
Cannot interfere
Presence was my weapon
Shooting since eleven
I was level headed
It's a massacre my nigga
From my action figure setting
Stop playin with me, nigga
Stop playin with me
Yeah we back in this motherfucker
Maniac, maniac
Maniac to your mother fuckin' face