Picnic Lightning - Over My Head (artwork faeton music)

Picnic Lightning – Over My Head

Atmospheric song by Picnic Lightning

Artist about the track:

This track was written in 2017 shortly after the release of our self-titled debut LP. It has evolved slightly since, but is the oldest track on our forthcoming album. Multiple members of Picnic Lightning have family members who preach or work for a church, so they have grown up around versions of American Christian. This song is an authentic look at how it has impacted their spirituality. The line “me and the holy ghost are fucking around” is an honest peak behind the curtain. When you move beyond a dualistic worldview, but still find yourself attracted to the mystical and mysterious, this is the result.


In a wave form
between peak and trough
me and the Holy Ghost
are fuckin’ around

Over my head.

Mythical center
as Above so below.
My coin’s in a holy well
and I’m starting to swell.

Over my head.