Paul Babe - Lasso (artwork faeton music)

Paul Babe – Lasso

Amazingly beautiful debut song by Paul Babe

Artist about the track:

Lasso is the debut track from Paul Babe. The song is a snarky reminiscence of a past love experience that is not necessarily true or false. This is one of the more “Prince-y” of all the Paul Babe tunes mostly because of the wry storytelling and sexuality. Equal parts organic and digital the production is deceptively minimal and weird. The track is also comforting in an odd way as everybody would like to know they aren’t alone.


She never liked to say sorry and back then we’d duke it out
Like killer cowboys
It was a rodeo apartment
She’d throw her noose and yank me down
(But you know the truth is)
I didn’t mind the lasso
(The way she’d say “Don’t moan
You’re not alone”)
Hold you in the lasso
It was the way she’d say (“Don’t moa
You’re not alone”)
Hold you in the lasso
Of my soul
Of my soul
Now if you’d been listening to my story
You’d think I was under her control
(Nah, man it wasn’t like that.)
But she had me hangin’ upside down, boys
And as I lay in her stable one mornin
She kicked me awake and led me out
(She had on her white nighty with the frills)
And the rope draggin’ behind her
My baby wore a nightgown
The feathered lace in back
I promised not to bite down
But you harnessed my love