P R A Y E R - Bubble Trouble (artwork faeton music)

P R A Y E R – Bubble Trouble

Interesting track by P R A Y E R

Artist about the track:

It is precisely this quality that Nicki Fehr a.k.a. Prayer sought to capture on his debut album.

Upon discovering Eastern devotional music, Fehr became fascinated with the idea of recreating it with his own means. He cites the otherworldly space and serenity such music creates along with its pure intention as a major influence. Not wanting to imitate or appropriate these sacred traditions, Fehr studied their common denominators and atmospheres while sticking to his own musical vocabulary.


see ya floating by down the river
last chance to escape
if you ever knew what i knew now
this is an endless -

happenstance never came my way
it took 48 owls and a bellyache
now the hounds will hunt me down
secret fish died in the pool
and all the bubbles troubled everyone at school
now the hounds will hunt me down