Orchid Mantis - Where You Are (Feat. Josh Augustin) (artwork faeton music)

Orchid Mantis – Where You Are (Feat. Josh Augustin)

Beautiful song with autumn mood by Orchid Mantis

First single from the upcoming EP ‘Light As Leaving’
“Where You Are started as a demo written on a Casio sampling keyboard and a Univox SR-55 drum machine. It’s the first Orchid Mantis song to feature another artist – that’s always been hard to picture with how improvisational my recording process has been in the past. In this case though, things really happened to come together just right. Early on I recognized that Josh’s voice felt like a natural fit, and the arrangement was loose enough that I could accommodate another perspective stepping in.”


looking at a photograph
been so long that i'd forgotten
wish i knew the day it passed
feeling older by the season

don't know where you are
can't tell you how it's gone
tried to tough it out
made it out somehow

remember that time
it's a place in your mind
you can always go back

i was only passing by
wrapped up in the city lights
see the blur and the train cars
on and on

staring from an overpass
fields that fade and skies that last
on return the world grows still
viewed through scattered windows
and i wonder still

you can always go back