Orchid Mantis - Light Beyond (Right Now) (artwork faeton music)

Orchid Mantis – Light Beyond (Right Now)

One more beautiful song by Orchid Mantis

Artist about the track:

Second single from new album Far From This World, coming in November. The song, and the album as a whole, is inspired by moving back home and the dissolution of a 3-year relationship. Currently looking for a music outlet to premiere the song, and planning a lyric video.


i remember racing home
late at night, just to make it
while you were awake
and every night
i'll be up for hours now
figuring this out
hold me up, i can see it
light beyond right now
floating up to the ceiling
all that is, is right now
can't remember anything from my dreams
when i leave them they all just recede
and i don't know about what's past here
i'll wait another night
just wait another night
shed me of my soul
won't leave a thing behind
i say this every time
yeah i say this every time