Nephilim - Neoblasphemer (artwork faeton music)

Nephilim – Neoblasphemer

Incredibly death metal song by Nephilim


You are the nameless king, 
Preaching self-fulfilling prophecies

Your work is just a worthless thing
Of philanthropic hypocrisies

No one may see
All your strength is an enemy

No one must know
That there is no moral with you

All hail you 
'Til they damn you

When they fail you
They cast you as their neoblasphemer

All tail you 
Set to blame you

'Til they jail you
When you hear your freedom call

You fail to see 
All these lords are so weak

Yet, they are out of your reach
Because you are too meek

All hail you   
Then betray  you

All chase you
Bit by bit, you are a neoblasphemer

All tail you
And they ape you 

No one helps you

On every desecration
Follows damnation

Every penetration 
Needs a castration

Stop all this human inflation!

This will be the end
We erase your kind
My perfection lives
You will always stay blind 

Make impossible
Leveled conversation

All parties drown
In media deformation

Hail you
Lies!!! (Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!)

I'll always find you, 
No place left to hide you
No need to fight you
You're regressing

Easy to enslave you
Tease you and cheat you
Keeping you depressing

'Til -  you -  praise - me 

Now hail me
Do not fail me
You're too frail to me
I won't allow you to resist

Now I reign thee
Since you'll shame thee  
You must pray to me
I will murder your (God!)