Mouse Dog Bird - Julie (artwork faeton music)

Mouse Dog Bird – Julie

Fresh song by Mouse Dog Bird

Artist about the track:

This song was written after the suicide of a friend. I wanted to capture pieces of who she was and document the empty helpless feeling you are left with after the loss of someone who suddenly no longer exists. All the proceeds from sales of this song will go to her children and a suicide awareness charity.


Our ties get lost in penalty,
it's binding all the time,
and under all its influence
becomes beneath us - and so am I

I lost track of the memory
of the surface - we had to try
Were laughing at the inference,
or the lack of one

I tried my best to write something,
but this was all I could do

Remember when you were so worried,
you thought I would rat you out

The leaves are all colored rose
Were laughing at the difference,
and tearing at the seam

I tired my best to say something,
but this was all i could do