Moglii - Bloom (feat. Island Fox) (artwork faeton music)

Moglii – Bloom (feat. Island Fox)

One more amazing track by Moglii. This time featuring Island Fox


Bloom like ours does (x4)
Always find you crisp and clear
It’s something that I can’t get out of
My head’s like an atmosphere
These words are the water and the flowers
You’re always in the back of my mind
And so I turn the blind eye, but I can’t get it right
The weeks churning, on & on,
Still your kindness keeps me calm

I just wanted to make you see
The type of foundation we could be
Enjoy each other’s company,
So it feels like we’re enough
And I whisper from the tip of my tongue
About this life, bursting around us,
The flowers that have been and gone,
But they won’t bloom like ours does

Bloom like ours does (x4)

Bloom like ours does
Bloom (repeat until fade)