Matt Holubowski - Two Paper Moons (artwork faeton music)

Matt Holubowski – Two Paper Moons

Very nice song by Matt Holubowski

About the track:

Matt Holubowski releases ‘Two Paper Moons’ on 28.01.20, the first single taken from his forthcoming third album, Weird Ones, set for release later this year. ‘Two Paper Moons’ yet again showcases Matt’s signature ethereal folk rock sound, accompanied by a poetic lyricism that sits at the intersection between softness and intensity.

Speaking on the track, Matt quotes: “Two Paper Moons is arguably the most important song on the record because it was the one that spawned the surrealist direction I took and the desire to create an alternate reality for myself. It’s a form of escapism, which is in stark contrast with my two previous records, where I painstakingly observed and commented on various ideas about the world around me.”


Two paper moons hanging
On the night ceiling
One we know, and one we don’t Gray and green,
You can tell the small one flickers Sometimes
To be seen, or unseen As it please
Holy wine ache,
We drank a whole lake
But something quiet, sometimes
Is left behind.
Two happy loons dancing by the bank, swooning
For the stream, for the show Deep blue, and mellow,
You can be, or envy
́Till it fades away
One passing crow
Getting you to get down real low
By the edge of the end No use in running
To pretend is not the same as existing