Lyrah - The View (artwork faeton music)

Lyrah – The View

Beautiful and calm song by Lyrah


I been watching u for hours
I been wondering for days
How you think about me lately
Cross your mind or do I stay?

So easy but we leave it
Couldn’t find a way to say
One wall in between us
Wondering if you’re awake

[Pre Chorus]
See the way you look at my hips 
Walking away
Running through excuses
Just to be up in your space
Watch u in the window
While seeing the city

I’m caught up by the view
I’m caught up by the view
I’m caught up by the view
I’m caught up in only you
Caught up by

I been working my weekends out
I been saving days for taking off with you
I just want you to be around
Sitting against the glass, floor to ceiling views

[Pre Chorus]

Sometimes I catch you looking at my lips
We lie in bed like we’re not feeling it
I wonder which of us will be the first one to cave
I would but you know how I work