Lowercase People - Blooming (artwork faeton music)

Lowercase People – Blooming

Beautiful song by Lowercase People

Artist about the track:

“Blooming” is an atmospheric ballad – highlighting the band’s love for experimentation with analog and sampling in its core production.

The band’s lead singer Noah Saunders describes the creation of “Blooming” as “a lot of deconstructing and reconstructing” along with “heavy sampling.”

“It was basically taking a demo that Tommy made on his sampler, along with fitting a Rhodes keyboard melody that I wrote to it. Lots of sampling involved, lots of looping…”


Float to the surface and look at the light.
Instead of you.
All this because you wouldn't look at the life,
inside of you.

Infested, infected;
Is that what they are to you?

I'm holding on.

Hope is a fire we watch as it lights,
Instead of feel.
Let it consume you as you turn to light.
Becoming real.


I'm letting go.