Sad and beautiful song by Lorcán

Artist about the track:

Falling In is a song I wrote during quarantine. Sitting at home feeling worried for all of our collective futures and feeling that the world was crumbling, I had all of this imagery flowing through my head. I wrote Falling In as an abstract channeling of my feelings during this strange time, of missing loved ones, of precarity, but also of love and hope. Recorded by me, from my bedroom, Falling In is the subconscious expressions of my feelings, during a very strange time.


Bought you a house
On the edge
Of the world falling in
Of the earth
Feels like we’re falling
Fall Apart
Still we could see
Each others eyes
And these wings
We could own
Feels like we’re falling
Feels like we’re falling
Feels like we’ve fallen
Feels like we’ve fallen
Feels like we’re falling