LANNDS - if ur scrolling thru tumblr (artwork faeton music)

LANNDS – if ur scrolling thru tumblr

Amazing song by LANNDS

scrolling through tumblr is about my first relationship i had with another girl. During the last few weeks together I pondered on a few situations I knew would eventually make or break the relationship. I decided to stay in the dark for the entirety of the relationship and I wondered if things were different, could it have saved the relationship or nothing in the end. The relationship is obviously over and “scrolling through” is one of the tracks that makes “Self Help” come together in its entirety.


we haven’t spoke in months
i think you’re moving to london
i miss you so damn much
but the fire just keeps on burning

are you gaining control?
are you moving in vain?
are you silent destruction?
masking your pain?

i think your friends they hate me
i went and hid our love
you smell like lavender perfume
i never said enough

holding hard decisions
i finally found your heart
cold end it never seemed
I’d ever love this deep

hiding just hide in the dark

do u see me posted up
do u need my content enough
do u always look me up?
do u get your fix on my love?