Klaus Blatter - Space Girl (Remix by Todd Terry) (artwork faeton music)

Klaus Blatter – Space Girl (Remix by Todd Terry)

Amazing acid house track by Klaus Blatter, remixed by Todd Terry.

In his own words,

“Space Girl is a song about a beautiful young lady I once knew who I was infatuated with, when, as a youth, I opened the legendary Technosphere club in the city of Dortmund on the industrial Rhine. She had no time for me initially, but I pursued her with zeal and made her my lover. Unfortunately, her young life was cut short when she tragically drowned in the lake. Sometimes when I walk along the banks of those cold, frozen waters, dusted in shimmering moonlight, I look up to the stars and believe I can hear my beloved Clara calling me: ‘Klaus..’ she is for saying, ‘there will never be another like you, my darling Klaus…’ Then I laugh at my childish sentiment. Ha! ”