kelz - Passerby (artwork faeton music)

kelz – Passerby

Dreamy and soft song by kelz

Take a trip down Pacific Coast Highway of Southern California. Passerby is a homage to the missed summer days. It’s about being in a place of comfort. The grooving, gentle beat and melody will get your head moving. Sometimes the best place to be is to be with yourself. Listen to it with friends and vibe. Or better yet, listen to it alone as you dance in the bedroom at 3am. This song tells a story and whatever else it may be to you.


we fall in love too fast
sail with the woes, i sigh
falling apart, slowed time
i had a dream that i died

we fall back intertwined
taking shit from the kind
i cant see your face
i feel so uninspired

vibrate the moon, unwind
paint on the white, so light
i had a dream with those eyes
night makes me feel so high

and we'll be just fine, always