Katerinha - Trippin (artwork faeton music)

Katerinha – Trippin

Wonderful song by Katerinha

Artist about the track:

“Trippin“ starts as a steady soulful love song and smoothly develops into a samba-like jam. The instrumental is a tastefully arranged blend of analogue synths and live drums and percussion, performed by Hungarian jazz wizzes Àbáse and jazzbois. Katerinha’s lullaby-like singing goes throughout the piece of tender poetry, celebrating the sweet indulgence of falling in love.


I don’t know what you think about me
I don’t know if I care, honestly
Could you be so reckless like me
All of me, I’m setting it free

Silence fading slowly into sound
Celebrate the pain and joy we found
Forever floating freely in this sweet affair
No one knows the way but we both there

I have a sweet plan
I don’t know if it’s clever
I don’t know
I might regret it forever

And those lips
Are they waiting on my call
In your arms
I wanna fall

I feel like dancing
And it’s you I fancy
I think I’m tripping
On your smile

I think I’m tripping
I think I’m tripping
On your smile