JVLY - aporia (artwork faeton music)

JVLY – aporia

Fresh track by JVLY

Artist about the track:

‘aporia’ also comes with a Rodrigo Badoino directed music video which uses footage that JVLY shot while in Japan a few months ago. This footage is blended with some extra material that was shot back in Sydney by Rodrigo Badoino, and stars his friend Tyra Cartledge.


you thought i’d have the will to wait
but time’s arrow hesitates
there’s more than marrow on my plate
i poured my all on to the table
how could you give me that face?
i had some thoughts that i just cradled
holding on for just the sake
this is such a pretty wasteland

Mmm, it’s caving in
Mmm, it’s raining a bit

i couldn’t have it both ways

you see the harrow on my face
i couldn’t say that i am stable
how could you put me in my place?
now you’re willing and you’re able
show me how my medicine tastes
i couldn’t have it both ways

Mmm, i caved it in
Mmm, that’s in my skin

i couldn’t have it both ways