Jules Renner - Shadows (artwork faeton music)

Jules Renner – Shadows

Wonderful folk song by Jules Renner

Artist about the track:

I wrote this song in about 15 minutes circa 2014 about 1.5 years after moving to New York City, once the excitement began to wear off. I realized that even though I was surrounded by millions of people at all times of the day, that I was still feeling lonely. This is one of, if not the, saddest songs I have written to date but it is one of my personal favorites. Think staring out the window on a train, deep in the feels.


No one looking to the left and right
When crossing the street anymore
Shadows walk by you
No I'm not used to
Not one body smiling back
Smoke cloud mushrooms blow through the sky
Walk past destruction without another glance by
At what the fuck is this place in my mind
Shadows walk with you
Yes I am used to
That as the only comfort
I wish I knew what love was about
What it feels like and what my life was without
The darkness creeps closer each and every day
Threatening to pull me under from the sunshine in the way