Josef Lynn - Our endless Love (artwork faeton music)

Josef Lynn – Our endless Love

Beautiful song by Josef Lynn

Artist about the track:

This song talks about the link between love and death and the fear of being removed from the memories. The questions the song asks are:

– Could the infinitive distance between people in two different dimensions being filled someway?
– Could love survive to death?

It is not easy to understand which are the artists who inspired me for this song, of course my lyrics was inspired by Iron and Wine, Nick Cave, Cohen, Dylan.

About the recording, the voice recording was so intensive and difficult because in a first part we was not able to catch the sadness and the fear of the lyrics. We found this solution: turning off the light and… make something magic happened.


Until someone does not dig
For one of us just a grave in the ground
We would be just blood into blood
And when the grass has grown on
Will you remember me as I will not forget you
Now I am sinking in the mud
And I need you
We have sown each other's souls
To share our lonely love
But now, don't care about, don't care about
Oceans, seas, stars, moons
Days, seasons, years, between us
'Cause our faded love will always be colorful