Jon Santana x James Droll - Black Ivy (artwork faeton music)

Jon Santana – Black Ivy (feat. James Droll)

Beautiful song by Jon Santana (feat. James Droll)

Artist about the track:

“Black Ivy” is the 2nd single off Jon’s upcoming EP and his is first release with fellow Nashvillian and longtime collaborator James Droll. The song was also cowritten by Coyler.


in an suv getting car sick
like a pilot flying solo with a joystick
foot to mouth hit my teeth like a hard kick
blow me off like a mouth to a cartridge
burning up like fuel to a spaceship
you believe but i’m kinda agnostic

come find me
in the places we used to go
black ivy
waves above find me down below

remind me
where you went to be all alone
bear in mind please
i didn’t lie cause i didn’t know
i just really wanna go home

guess i got too close
to that man i know
and i hate to go
but i should be alone
please don’t call my phone
cause i’m on my own
please don’t read my tone
because i feel exposed