John Pierce O'Reilly - now, the sun (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – now, the sun

Fresh and incredibly calm song by John Pierce O’Reilly

Artist about the track:

Inspired by the season, ‘now, the sun’ takes the heavenly body as its central piece of imagery, exploring its poetry through texture, timbre, and instrumentation. Drawing influence from artists like James Blake, Mount Kimbie, and Bon Iver, ‘now, the sun’ considers the possible metaphorical meanings attached to the star through a subtle blend of lyrical symbolism and complex musical accompaniment. From an upcoming EP.


In the flowers among
The trees
(In the park)
The sun
In the sky
Flowers among the trees
Holding hands
Waiting for
The dark
Sinking low
Now, the sun
Has disappeared
Has come to earth