John Pierce O'Reilly - iombhá (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – iombhá

Beautiful folk song by John Pierce O’Reilly

Artist about the track:

The first song from an upcoming EP ‘Iffley Road’, iombhá was written after the loss of a loved one. I wrote the lyrics originally as a poem, writing from both my own perspective as well as that of the person themselves. While the lyrics do express feelings personal to me, they also leave space for listener empathy, and audiences have been able to relate the sentiments to their own experiences and feelings. The recording was made in the space of a few hours, and hopefully captures the warmth and immediacy I feel inherent to the song.


Over eyelids dark night fell
And my lost voice stutters
Because my tongue
Is shattered
To lie with my hands turned up
And be utterly empty
A peacefulness so big
It dazes you
Peace never seemed so tedious
Never quite like this
This revelation flutters
When I stare and brood
As I do often
Fears, doubts, and even dreams
Are lifted
And I am all at sea
At war
I stride upon my star
You may think that I have slipped
Into apathy
Into the blue