Joe Friend - Producer's Son (artwork faeton music)

Joe Friend – Producer’s Son

Serious track by Joe Friend.

This is a short little song
About the producer’s son
He’s always been number one
Steals all the cocaine from his uncle and then he just lays on the lawn
And talks all night long
To a girl who seems way to young
With almost nothing on

His dad shoulda stayed with his mom
They coulda help him along
Coz no matter how you look at it four eyes are better than none
So he just runs, runs, runs
He is the producer’s son
Too carefree & overstimulated
To ever have any fun

He talks about his favorite things
But it turns out the girl couldn’t hang
God forbid she seemed so young
To have her life come undone
His uncle is suddenly standing before him
And now he don’t wonder how his dad got beholden
Tt happened before it wasn’t that hard.
They’re gonna bury her body out in the back yard yeah
In the back yard yeah
In the back yard yeah
In the back yard yeah

Look at me now
Whatever happened to
All that time I had? And that girl I knew? Those places I went, the money I spent
Whatever happened to, the dream I had

Next thing I knew I had sold my soul
And woke up old, working in complacency
Working so I can afford things that don’t go well with me.