Jhyve - Better (artwork faeton music)

Jhyve – Better

Beautiful song by Jhyve

Artist about the track:

During a deep depression last year I had myself a good day with someone special and it made me realize there’s ALWAYS light in the darkness if we choose to see it. The moment inspired a song I made called Better and I hope it becomes ur bright spot in these dark times.


Sometimes I like to think I’m a rocket ship
You my fuel to take me out the atmosphere
When you ain’t around I’m fallin back to earth
Swear to god that landing won’t be delicate
Every night
More when I'm high
I doubt myself yeah
You say the right things
Dat never fail yet
You my escape
Plus you look great
Lil red corvette
Dat never fail yet
I been feeling better today
I been feeling down and
Somn like drowning
But I been feeling better today
You save me from sadness
Love me thru madness
So I been feelin
Even though you love me you still get so shy
I got something that could probably help the vi-
(Wait where the fuck is my)
I forgot the drink (Oh no)
But you said you got (That’s great)
Take a lil shot (It’s fun)
Take another one (Hi score)
Fuckin hate my job
I should prolly quit
Do the music shit
Would you cheer me on