Inude - Ballad1 (artwork faeton music)

Inude – Ballad1

Fresh indie-pop song by Inude

Artist about the track:

When someone betrays our trust, we automatically feel like we’re the ones who have been wronged. Always the victims, never the offender -and all caught up in our rage, pain, and disappointment, we witness the unrelenting demise of the tiny world we built around ourselves. How hard is it to forgive? How hard is it to take a look in the mirror and see ourselves as the cause of a betrayal, no matter how passive our role might have been? I wanted to go back to a normal life, I wanted to fill every room of a echoing and empty house, to take care of simple everyday tasks, even if it meant to fight with my bare fists for the first time.


I could try to stay in this room and then
put the sugar in your coffee like it’s nothing.
I could try to sit on the swing again
back where I tried to break your breath.
My head is splitting, damn!
I just broke my arm
Dancing badly,
venting all of my fears
‘Cause I’ve never been
in a fight
I was trying to feel at home again,
but my home is rumbling like never before
My head is splitting Damn!
i’ve just broke my arm
dancing badly,
venting all of my fears
How many times did I lock you out?
tell me, How many times
did you kick me out?
Did you pack up your stuff?
All is rumbling again