IM'PERETIV - Full Circle (feat. JUNK and MICKEY FACTZ) (artowrk faeton music)

IM’PERETIV – Full Circle (feat. JUNK and MICKEY FACTZ)

Strong hip-hop stuff by IM’PERETIV

Artist about the track:

01.17.20 – Full Circle is the first single and title track off of Canadian HipHop producer IM’PERETIV’S debut EP Full Circle. The track features: 2009 XXL Freshman, Mickey Factz (NYC); End of the Weak Freestyle Champion, Junk (Vancouver); RedBull 3Style Champion, Flipout (Vancouver); and was mixed and mastered by Juno Nominated, Jamie Kuse (Vancouver). Full Circle is set over a hard hitting drum loop, setting the stage for Mickey and Junk to showcase their lyricism and Flipout to lay some impressive cuts.

There is a lot of meaning to the track and title with an incredible story. Before production IM’PERETIV was a sponsored snowboarder in Vancouver. He used a Mickey Factz song in what would be his last video part due to a collapsed eye socket. 10 years later Mickey Factz is appearing on a song on his debut EP. #FULLCIRCLE


[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]

It’s Mickey.  Yo,

I came from the bottom

I know what it means to be left out the column

Remember when I was buzzin

I gave people pollen

Full Circle Now, I’m lookin at houses on Collins

South Beach trippin
recall listening to teachers sayin all the snickering

gon have you positioned to never get the wisdom

Thank God I ain’t go payin tuition
‘Cause that’s a hamster wheel of affliction

Reminiscing eating in stairwells

Now im cookin in kitchens

artistic dishes I promise I had a vision of failure

seventh grade in a shelter playing legend of Zelda

waiting for my newborn  sipping seltzer
the arrival of my child is blessing

especially since previous plans became depressing

sunk low, dice game,

one roll, life change, 
front row, bright stage,

cut throat, knife raised,
sliced veins

Feeling like why am I here (Why)

Paying Bills everyday am I in the clear (am i)

God talking to me, why I aint trying to hear

Prolly cause I let the devil just lie in my ear (damn)

Im providing a rare flair 
of finding some gear 
that you been lookin for 
for years inside of a prayer

Life is a Full Circle

Align with the Sphere

Cause if you don’t guarantee it

youll die as a square

[Verse 2: Junk]
Came up from the gutter Underrated ain’t discover me/ 
Wait on me like summer come on make a new discovery been hustling on the daily make yo custy have to fuck with me/ trust me I ain’t trusting any you busters that’s a luxury like mmm yea this ain’t work no this ain’t no drudgery like mmm yea/ I stay sharp like steakhouse cutlery been outta line like I been bad at colouring it’s troubling and all you suckers do is fucking blow it like you trumpeting like mmm yea/ I came from the slums, I do my job well bish I stay til it’s done back in the day we wasn’t breaking bread was breaking up crumbs/ 
Back when I was 8 my dad on H was taking drugs/ moral of the story do some bad shit it
Come back to you just look at how my daddy’s living now it’s so unnatural/ like god damn/ what you put in come back guaranteed got people knicking for some Junk while this shit to me therapy/ air it out it’s clarity/ I still fuck with people that I started with a rarity been so much heroin in my life to me it’s been harrowing been hanging on like barley/ took a negative and turned that bitch into prosperity/ never switched on anybody show my solidarity apparently/ to be somebody today do parodies but mmm Na shout out to my killer imperative we in it for longevity full circle yea bish there it is/

[Outro: Junk]

Full Circle Motherfucker (yeah)

Full Circle Motherfucker (yeah)

Full Circle Motherfucker