HYENAZ - Perimeter (artwork faeton music)

HYENAZ – Perimeter

Raw techno track by HYENAZ

Artist about the track:

Perimeter examines BELONGING. It asks the question: what does it feel like to understand oneself as “just outside” and yet also “just barely inside” … an identity, a concept, a philosophy, a group, a family, a home, a situation, a gathering? What is the feeling of being at the edge? Both inside and outside? What is it like to be “foreign” to a place which is familiar? What is foreign inside?


Caught in a box
Enclosed in this skin
Can I get out?
Can I get in?
I’d like to get in now.
Oh please let me in.
please let me in your box
let me out
let me out
let me out now
please let me in
let me get in
let me get out
let me get in
can I get out
can I get in
oh please let me in your wonderful box