HYENAZ - Columns (Remix by Bad Conscience) (artwork faeton music)

HYENAZ – Columns (Remix by Bad Conscience)

Atmospheric techno track by HYENAZ

About the track:

The Bad Conscience remix of the HYENAZ track “Columns” takes the raw and powerful soundscape of the original into a mainroom techno context. It retains the otherworldliness, the hypnotic energies of the orignal across subtle breaks and drops. The remix centers on a brutally dissected vocal, an unforgiving kick and broken percussion.

The new single Columns by Berlin performance duo HYENAZ will be released on the Canadian techno label OBSKUR MUSIC on January 13 2020. The track, which sounds like industrial techno, is built entirely from vocalizations and organic percussion scavenged deep within a cave outside the pilgrimage town of Częstochowa, Poland.

The lyrics and guttural iterations that were originally improvised in the cave session are a response to militarized violence and to History, specifically the historicising mode which focuses on events and important persona, while blurring events and persona deemed unimportant or inconsequential.

Conceptually, Columns falls within a larger body of work HYENAZ have been conducting for the past five years entitled Foreign Bodies. This series of a/v works emerge from the sonic shapeshifting of field recordings gathered in refugee camps, migrant transit centers, ancient stations on paths of pilgrimage, indigenous grounds, and intentional communities. These are all places where bodies have been treated as “foreign objects” to be managed, controlled, feared and annihilated. Each piece acts as a conceptual response or intervention and has manifested as audio tracks, essays, performances and video works.

The video for Columns was created in collaboration with Xenia Ramm and Old Erik from the Hackstage artist collective in Denmark. Xenia and Erik used analogue video processing to deconstruct footage of stalactites, trees and wind turbines that HYENAZ collected in the caves of the Harz Mountains.

The release is supported by several dark techno, minimal and electro remixes from Lady Maru, Bad Conscience, Consumer Refund and NVRS.