Hola la Poyana - Before you leave (feat. Rigolò) (artwork faeton music)

Hola la Poyana – Before you leave (feat. Rigolò)

Nice folk song by Hola La Poyana

Artist about the track:

This song is the most recent in my EP, after writing it with just voice and guitar I began to work on some kind of arrangements, but except for the low voices in the background, I couldn’t think of anything good. To get out of the impasse I asked for help from an Italian band called Rigolò, who are also close friends of mine. They accepted immediately, I let them totally free and they just did what they wanted with drums, saxophone and cello. Lyrics are about a (probable) stalker and his unhealthy thoughts about his ex girlfriend, it is a small dive in some of the mean aspects of the male soul.


Before you leave, before you leave
know that I've never understood
the difference between love and possession, I just can't
I'm free to be the worst human being you've ever known
I'm free to be the best son of a bitch you've ever known
take all your stuff and do it right
make sure you don't leave any memories
you won't be able to sweep my life away and hold me down
I'll seek you everywhere just to feed myself on your guilt