HMZA. - The Rise of Lil BIGFOOOT (artwork faeton music)

HMZA. – The Rise of Lil BIGFOOOT

Very nice hip-hop stuff by HMZA.

I get sloppy at shows
spit the mad flows
focused sad soul fucker what the math gross
some people say that I’m an asshole
we just seen a lot to show id rather be at home
lsd in a fat dose
trip love supreme jazz speaks past stoned
you’re now listening to a steez past dope
dream rap cardiac beat packed poems
ill defeat all rappers please unleash my soul
cycles of life from a sperm to a zygote
shit gets trippy this’ll make your mind float
i think I’m the truth but what the fuck do i know?
this ain for the youth muthafucka
it for the soul
young shang sun laced up puffin on a bow
get it while its hot, shits freshly off the stove
still cooking in the pot
kill anything opposed

nothing left to say (ima get mine)
we don’t play (done playing all these games)

Walk up on the scene like i got nothing to lose
talking like a maniac as I howel to the moon
I aint gonna ask y’all, why you fuckin confused
enough playing games we heavy base funk to the roots
Im a bad motherfucka, so what you want me to do?
a rap robot my known bars puzzle a spook
sandman spitting raps to a puddle of drool
to reveal the truth while snacking on a bundle of shrooms
ima kill every rapper, no matter what the cost is
real hip hop shit on a subtle punk rock tip
turn light work into a mufuckin mosh pit
you couldn’t stop this, it sinks deep in your conscience
the conquest on the cons who couldn’t cop shit
revenge of the content , no fibre optics
printed on the process, you see no progress
get got quick with chopsticks till you all dead (muthafucks)

repeat 2x