HÅN - sonic96 (artwork faeton music)

HÅN – sonic96

Very nice summer vibes by HÅN.

Artist about the track:

Most people I know say that I have my head in the clouds. ‘Sonic96’ (my year of birth is 1996) is a fantasy world where I take refuge, while the people around me remind me of reality. The track is about this, about how childish that is, and how I know that I’ll have to get out of it sooner or later. Living in this fantasy gives rise to communication problems between myself and others (I like it best when you don’t talk) which lead me to have to change (I changed my mouth) to adapt, but in this attempt I end up doing things the wrong way (cut my hair too short, drive a car the wrong way). Then there is this person (the clown on the artwork) who represents the threat of reality, and who hides matches under his jacket to wake me up from this fake safe place.


Nothing really matters at the end of the day
I like it best when you don’t talk
Cause i don’t get what you say
I changed my mouth and ended up
With some else’s face
I’m cutting my hair too short
Driving a car the wrong way
We danced with all of our clothes on while
Your record was playing

But you called me 7 times on a row
Hiding matches under your jacket
I started a fire just to know how much burn I could take
To wake me up from things that arent true
It’s not your fault
I’m living in a made up
Tap on my shoulder just tell me you’re walking away 
’m okay with the game

Swimming in a fake plastic blue pool today
I don’t care about the chlorine
A chemical I can face

I crawl like a toddler
Never had a brother but
You seem to look like him
If I stare deep into your face I see
Bottles of milk
Poured right into your eyes