Goodboy - Time To Make A Mess (artwork faeton music)

Goodboy// – Time To Make A Mess

Beautiful and calm song by Goodboy//

Artist about the track:

The song speaks of submissive human behavior, modern slavery to one’s counter productivity, self-contradiction, poor decision-making, harmful faith and inhibitions.


A broken son comes home with blood on his cold cold hands 
Milk turns sour and outside plays a death marching band
I turn every paper and I see the world cant understand
That it’s man's demand with a face of god 

Watch me fall 
As you fall along 

It’s all repetition when you need to feed as an honest man
Your house is on fire and they tell you that its all part of his plan
You try to think but your soul is desired to be captive then
Becomes worser then
You never make that much 

Watch them fall 
As you fall along