flox x van leeuwen - holy (remix) (artwork faeton music)

flox x van leeuwen – holy (remix)

Dope trap track by flox feat. van leeuwen


Intro: (talking)

Fucking savage, beat fanatic i'm an addict.
Make your song go viral, they gone fucking hashtag it.

Talking millions in one night, I mean I just got off a flight.
Watch me finesse another gig, I did it once I’ll do it twice,

I’ll do it thrice, It don’t suffice, talking whats the move tonight?
Hold a grudge til my money right, got me on a hunger strike.

A peaceful dude, but I need my loot, you better think twice you want your life.
You in my way, then you should pray, that you are not my prey alright.

Wanna run her fingers through my hair, um, thats cool.
In the morning though, she won’t be hear, yah, I’m rude!

Should’ve left her as a flight that bitch never deserved a ring.
But captain save em’ , we done all sailed that boat and done watch it sink.

Think I Need a shrink. (Watch me kill everything in sight sample).

Cuz they look at the way that I’m killing the game and can’t help but to say I got a vendetta.
Cuz my mouth it will spit like a gun and a clip so ya bitch sending pics in her fan letters.

Ha… I can’t let up.
But enough of me, I had enough of you.

Cliche white dude, killing everything in my view.

(Kill everything in sight sample)
(Watch Me Kill Everything In Sight)

Hook x2:
Fucking savage, beat fanatic i’m an addict.

Make your song go viral they gone fucking hashtag it