Ferdishenko - Bury It (artwork faeton music)

Ferdishenko – Bury It

Incredible song by Ferdishenko

Artist about the track:

Electronic blues – Bury it is a hybrid and has a unique identity. Influenced by Radiohead, Darkside, Burial, dub techno artists like Basic Channel, film soundtracks and everything in between. Ultimately, it sounds like Ferdishenko.

Lyrically, the song is about the perils of comparing yourself to others on social media, and believing in yourself and what you stand for.


Stop believing, in things you can't accept
Stop competing, with those you've never met
Keep struggling and holding on, your dreams should never fade
Keep control, you've got to bury it
You've got to bury it
Start achieving the real intent of your art
Start revealing the truth you feel in your heart
Keep following your own path, don't let it fall apart
Keep control
You've got to bury it