Family Junket - Lulu's Lullaby (artwork faeton music)

Family Junket – Lulu’s Lullaby

Amazing modern lullaby by Family Junket

Artist about the track:

This song was created for Lulu, the two-year old niece of our lead singer, Laura. We want Lulu and our community to believe that no matter what pain we go through, no matter who are grieving, if your eyes are closed, or if they are wide open, your heart is always shining. The song is a reminder to breathe, to hold on and look inside yourself. It is a lullaby for dreams.


You’re only dreaming
Wake up and listen
Your heart is shining
You think the sun will shine
Without your eyes
There it goes, there it goes
Who said to let go
We’re all we’ve got
Breathe in
Won’t you try to rest your eyes
Don’t worry
It never leaves you
Don’t think the stars will change
When you’re not breathing
Don’t think the sun will shine
Without your eyes
You can feel
The wind move past you
And not ask why
There you go, there you go
Hold on
You were never lost go back to sleep now
You’re only dreaming
You’re only dreaming