Fallen Roses - Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins) (artwork faeton music)

Fallen Roses – Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins)

Very nice song by Fallen Roses.

About the track:

Mexican-Chilean duo Fallen Roses and NYC born/Berlin-based singer Hannah Jenkins collaborate on ‘Crush’, the new sultry electronic-pop single to be released on November 29th via Majestic Casual.

“Crush” revolves around jealousy and obsession. The laid-back and lo-fi productions ooze with warmth and passion, combining earthy hip-hop beats with vibrant cosmic sounds. An echo of summer memories swirl, as the heartfelt and organic textures weave together to transport you into heady dreams of sun-soaked days gone by.


You say you really like me
Why did you do that do you really like me?
My room is spinning got my thoughts igniting
Now it's likely, now it's likely

You think I’m fallin' softly
Crush on the thought of you and me in soft sheets
But know that all of this is just a daydream
Well it's unlikely, it's unlikely

I get so caught up in my head
(caught up in my head)
I had to find out who he's with
(remind me of what you said)

Hard to believe in romance
I see you with your girl how she holds your hand
If heaven is a place hope she'll replace ya
With someone like me, someone like me

Go 'head and stick with your act
You sell it good like making a commission
If you don't want to honey I can tell her
She's leaving with me, she's leaving with me

I get so caught up in my head
(caught up in my head)
Hope she can find out who she's with
(remind me of what you said)

Caught up in my head (x3)

She can do better, she can do better
She can do better than you