Everything And Everybody - Vertigo (artwork faeton music)

Everything And Everybody – Vertigo

Wonderful song by Everything And Everybody

Artist about the track:

Vertigo’ is about everyday life, it’s routines and habits convey a sense of security. The sweet nectar of control is threatened by change and it’s scary opportunities. We are clinging to what we know, dreading to let go and drown. Paralyzed by the fear of anything else then simply existing, by the falling, by the unknown freedom. Our need for control injects a permanent fear as we prefer a familiar hell to an unexplored paradise.


so you take the boulevard of tranquility
leave behind curiosity
and how about the sloping highways
behind the wheel that makes you feel 

narrow lanes will make you roam
spirits left a long time ago
longing to change the course
you place your bet 
all on your own 

as emotions pave the road
this ride is all about fixing feelings
a brightly textured tone
praised by the engine’s highest note 

your thoughts already left the avenues
but your limbs fall short any expectations
darting motionless, sober truth
rest and wait for blue lights to lead me home

i’m thinking bout every possibility
every imaginable think ability
every scary opportunity
i’m so afraid i’m suffering the vertigo