ENSHROUD - Open Vein (artwork farton music)

ENSHROUD – Open Vein

One more massive metal song by ENSHROUD

Artist about the track:

This is Our 3rd single released on our YouTube channel from our Upcoming EP due out this year!


No shifting, void of all thinking
Trying to alter the reality that you know
Lurking, tired of talking
Bastard eyes close off the sludge gate that leads to your soul

Bones are broken
You stand there looking for answers that you wanted to hear

I said it, I said it
Its over, I said it
I meant it,I meant it
It's over,I meant it

I've seen it all in people's hatred
Crawl upon your knees to your prison

Sow the seeds of pity
Tear the flesh away
All my life inside been screaming
Fighting the head and the heart rivalry
Expose me then bury me

The weight of the pain is all consuming
I'm sinking further
The curse is upon me
The meaning of life evades me
The beauty of life destroys me

Destroy everything I know
Destroy everything I am