einarIndra - Dóttir feat. Sillus (artwork faeton music)

einarIndra – Dóttir feat. Sillus

Beautiful trip-hop track by einarindra

The track dóttir has been flowing around my head for many years now and now it has reached out and materialized into this downtempo-trip hopish mystical track featuring my friend Sillus with her beautiful vocals. It´s a track for sundays in your greenhouse watching plants grow or while enjoying drinks in comfortable clothes at a lo fi bar hidden between two houses. One of many to grow in the coming season.


Slow down girl you are moving to fast you´ve got to now,
this flow has to last for a while to become something new.
Hold your hands close, feel the blood running trough.
Open this chest wide and make it burn all night,
until it starts to rain again.

Take it ease please dont make a sound.
I wanna watch your face drift away.
Take your pain love and bring it above,
make it grow and bleed into the night,
into something new.

Open yourselve slow and feel whats inside,
is it warm though does it feel alright look around,
dissolve into the stars.