Divine Destruction - Domination (artwork faeton music)

Divine Destruction – Domination

Unbelievably heavy and dark metal track by Divine Destruction.

Artist about the track:

An epic collaboration from a handful of heavy deathcore up and comers delivering heavy riffs and nasty vocals. Divine Destruction comes to bat with a refined Blackened Deathcore sound building on what the band delivered with their 2021 EP “My Suffering” all while supplying brutal breakdowns and even slammier riffs than they’ve been known for.


Shrouded in darkness we emerge into the light
The sizzling sound of the sun bouncing off of our flesh
We begin to make our march on the rest of the world
One by one cities will fall into oblivion
They will feel the everlasting grip of our domination
Humanity shall feel what it has always done

(Thor) 0:43 - 1:25
The earth shall crack
Opening the gateway from our world
Entities that have never been witnessed by human eyes
we are the immortals that watch, we are ready to cleanse this earth and reign supreme
Ill prepared you all are
The sun burns
We will black out the sky caused by the fires
Ash will blanket the lands

(Chad) 1:26 - 2:10
Sounds of a stampede fill the air
To the naked eye we are walking abominations that are senseless killing machines
We want domination
Our rightful place on this planet
Apex predators that to restore the balance that has been disrupted by the ever growing cancer that has wrongfully taken its spot in the food chain

(Back to Bryce) 2:11 - 2:44
Looking down at these subspecies
They have mistakenly put themselves at the top
With an ironic twist they’re looking up now as we crush their society
Its time to announce our domination
The shadow that forever hangs over the world has ripened the perfect conditions for our armies

(ALEC) 2:45 - 3:12
Dominance through violence is what we crave
Screams of survivors who thought they were the last ones standing will face the truth that we stand alone
They see us for what we are
Pray to your Almighty one
If he were real we can promise you this
He would be doing the same
This stampede won’t stop
Our quest is just beginning

(Larry) 3:13 - 3:54
Empires are Destin to fall
Bones shall be crushed
Bodies shall be drained
This is the end for humanity and they know not even who we are
Ancient beings that were truly the first to crawl out of the great waters onto land to walk upright and speak
We’ve watched your growth
The battles you’ve fought do not compare to this display of Dominance

(Ives) 3:55 - 4:22
From bottom feeders to gods
We now look down at this mess you’ve made
Spoiled waters, deforestation, and over population
We swallow the earth whole in a black mass with one intention
To start a new
To begin again over with a new clean world. Earth shall be cleansed in blood.