Very interesting song by Cyote


Cherries, strawberries 
Wine, a vine
Of a poisonous kind
Candy canes, candied veins 
Volcanic lanes, ablaze
The tip of a cigarette
A touch you won’t soon forget
She bit, you 
And the blood runs Red


"yea, all those guys started up there..."
"just on the streeet?"
"yea, in those bars... you know, wherever they could"
"you can be great, or you can just ... you know... flop. like a lot of guys have...
but i'm telling you, it's a sign. you're hear for a reason"

The roots beneath
A tunnel feeds
the basket’s weave 
the city streets
a gritty heat
a desperate need
a lurking thief
But from what I see 
From what I believe 
it all still bleeds

She bit you
But you're here for a reason