Coucheron - Natalie Portman (feat. Pasha & Safario) (artwork faeton music)

Coucheron – Natalie Portman (feat. Pasha & Safario)

Viral track by Coucheron

Artist about the track:

“Natalie Portman” is packed with attitude on an intense, minimalistic, lo fi house beat. Joined by the up and comer Safario, the track shows the less “poppy” side of the mixtape and serves as an introduction to the rest of the rap tracks.


When Im waiting my time.
Packed to side when Im back in that line.
Tryna keep it, Im calm.
Blazing Im fine when i drank that wine.
Wait a minute too Cool.
Shawty wanna talk like it nothing to do.
Medicated so gone.
Back to You place
But You tok too long.
Ah! Go crazy. Frustated.
I lost it. Cant take it.
Feeling Im on so wavy
Feeling im on
Natalie portman
What i say motherfucka
had to fight a couple guys with my goons mothafucka
He was checkin out my girl at the time mothafucka
now she kissin on my cheek all the time mothafucka
Natalie Portman
You're not important
Saggin' your jeans baby
thats why you're fallin
Damn it im sorry
said he swirlin'
I got no perk
But i get me the foreign
Burning the phone
as you dig that steeze
tryna get it rockin to that latenight freak
Shawty what you tryin to do
kidding youngling babygirl my boo
Drinkin water i aint got no pimples
if you wanna cry i aint got no tissues
If you wanna marry im just trying to get loose
Obi-Wan Kenobi got it goin
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman
mmm, Natalie Portman