Cormorant Tree Oh - The Cave (artwork faeton music)

Cormorant Tree Oh – The Cave

Dark and slightly psychedelic folk song by Cormorant Tree Oh.

Artist about the track:

“This song is a celebration of the form and symbolism of caves. They are portals to another realm, the site of our earliest artistic expression, places of transcendence, the hermit’s refuge. They are colossal gees in the landscape. They are where picnicking lovers go to make mischief on a summer’s day. The cave in question is located in Portrane Co.Dublin.”


The buckled rock contorts and strains
And frames the cave, and frames the cave
Dark fissure, wet and stained
He filled the cave, he filled the cave
On his knees, to appease
On his knees
Past her curtains to behold
Her dripstone and calcite folds
Scalloped portal to the hunt
That line the wall
Of this ancient cunt
On his knees, to appease
On his knees