Conner Simmons - Lure (artwork faeton music)

Conner Simmons – Lure

Wonderful strings and voice composition by Conner Simmons

This song was written during my fourth semester as a composition student at the University of North Texas. The lyrics are a purposefully simple, direct observation of the world around me, focusing on a moment of clarity I had one day as I was walking home.

Compositionally, the piece focuses on a blend of “instinctive” writing and more the use of more set processes and material. This reflects the lyrical focus on artist’s own position as an artist between concrete and abstract ideas; between intuition/spirituality and scientific knowledge. The scores for both the full version (voice, string quartet, and electronics) as well as a reduction for piano and voice are available on artist’s website.

As author says:

“Lure” is the first piece in a cycle I am currently writing for female voice, string quartet, and electronics. The cycle, and this song in particular, explores a continuum of connection and disconnection from the natural world around myself, and around everyone else. The lyrics for this piece are my own, reflecting on a brief moment of observation I had while walking home. The title of the piece refers to a distant memory I have of fishing with my dad in the Gulf of Mexico.


the light of day left and as it went
a plane rose up to the right 
like a lure in the Gulf of Mexico 
a flock of birds headed North for
the trees I stood in place incidentally
connected to the concrete beneath me