Circuit Bored - 11 Months (artwork faeton music)

Circuit Bored – 11 Months

Dark and blurry track by Circuit Bored

Artist about the track:

This song uses some very obscure vinyl samples that have been reversed, squashed, twisted, stretched and layered in FX. There is also some guitar that was recorded and given a similar treatment. For added atmosphere there is a brief sample of Special Agent Dale Cooper that has been thrown into a granulizer. The name comes from the fact that this song is Circuit Bored’s first time touching music in 11 Months and the first official release in 13 months.

The samples are so far removed from the original sound that they are unrecognizable, but regardless some samples included are:

Peter Cotton Tail – Story Of Thumper

The Soviet Army Chorus – In The Bryansk Forest (?)

Chesterfield Smoke Dreams Radio Commercial

The vinyl used was in very bad shape, hence the liberal amount of crackles and pops that occur through the whole song.