Calcou - Zeitgeist (feat. Bastien) (artwork faeton music)

Calcou – Zeitgeist (feat. Bastien)

Beautiful track by Calcou

Zeitgeist is the third release of Berlin based producer, composer & multi-instrumentalist Calcou. Only two months after stepping onto the scene he has already managed to created some serious fuzz about his productions. Deep and moody, yet melodic and catchy, Calcou has developed a genre-bending style that incorporates elements of electronica, deep house & jazz.

For Zeitgeist, he has now teamed up with his old friend, romanian-born singer Bastien, to deliver another multifaceted track.

Clicky noises, a warm analogue kick and some airy organs create the perfect tableau for Bastiens soulful timbre. Vocal chops, carefully sampled note by note from Bastiens voice and layered into pulsating harmonies add sparkle and a human touch to the driving rhythm. And while the lyrics utter a subtle warning to not get fooled by all the irritating noise and provocation that currently surround us in politics and media the overall feeling of the track remains optimistic.


Save a little
Save a little of your sanity
And don’t get fooled
For now
Save a little
Save a little of your fantasy
That’s what we’ve got
You know