Bollard - Ziggurat (artwork faeton music)

Bollard – Ziggurat

Fresh psychedelic tasted song by Bollard

Artist about the track:

With a pulsating bassline and simple guitar work, this blends features of Bollard’s earlier work into a twisted and brooding soundscape. Half optimism, half pessimism the pseudo-spoken lyrics deal with collective consequences and the boundaries we set for our own responsibility.


It starts with an echo
A meditation in time
Slowly it awakens
Tolerate the shifting line
While the wind is cool and the water is warm

Sit here contemplating
A pen in my hand
Not in the streets protesting
A slave to no-ones command.

Readjust the measures, so no-one is alarmed
Advancement for our pleasure, keeps us all calm
Each breath a little shorter in the footsteps of change
There’ll be no morning after, a long sequence of days
With no idea from where it came

If this were a fiction it’s here I’d tell
The colour of their eyes, of their hair as well
Still I drive to work, when I know there are trains, 
Do you feel the autumn heat? Do you feel that it’s strange?
Pay an extra dollar, the echo will remain...